As always Monomer Games is on the hunt for new talent.

We are looking for Sketches, Photos, Paintings, as well as short stories, that can be used in future releases.

If this seems like something you are interested in doing, please drop us a line from the contacts page. We would love to talk with you and see some examples of your work.

Thanks to everyone who has been following along on our Yahoo and Facebook groups. We wanted to officially update everyone as to the status of our first release Zombie-A-Go-Go.

Originally it was our intention to set the initial MSRP at $20 USD for the full 160 page b&w edition. Unfortunately our local Publishing Houses in Las Vegas were unable to maintain the desired quality at our originally contracted price at the last minute causing issues with our July 31st release. We have been very fortunate to release a short print run of quality books hand crafted for us by a local Bindery this week. This allowed us to honor the original price to all of you who had preordered it. Any additional copies are available for order from The Little Shop of Magic (

Since then we have had to switch to an out of town Publishing House here in the US, to be able to ensure a consistent price and quality for the future. Please bear with us as this may cause us to be "out of stock" with our distributor over the next week. We want to try and keep the price down to an MSRP of $25 USD through the end of 2010, and for as long as possible beyond that. It should arguably be higher, but we are committed to being as affordable to wargamers as possible.

Please note that our game will cover the majority of what a players needs to host Zombie miniature games in nearly every setting desired. This is a 160 page stand alone product that does not require interface with any supplements. It includes:

1) Complete Character Generation with over 50 Pre-generated characters
2) Over 15 Ranged Weapons and more than 30 Close Combat Weapons
3) Basic Vehicle Rules with over 30 Pre-generated vehicles for land, air, and sea
4) a Scenario Generator to help quickly make pickup games
5) 8x Basic scenarios, 2x advanced scenarios, and a 4x mission mini-campaign. Several of these also include additional “options” to readily modify the scenario conditions, or to use them for competitive play with or without a moderator.
6) Optional Rules (Fog, Night, etc.)
7) Basic rules for Buildings and Barricades

And don't forget…

Zombies you can outrun – the mistakes of your fellow Heroes you cannot.

The Little Shop of Magic is proud to host the worldwide release party for Monomer Games' new zombie horror-survival game, Zombies A Go-Go on July 31st, 2010 from 2pm till 7pm.

Zombie A-Go-Go is a 28mm rules-light miniatures game, designed to be cooperative rather than competitive. In Zombie A-Go-Go, players and their heroes try to survive zombie attacks by banding together against the Undead hordes. It is quick to learn and fast to play.

The launch party will feature tons of demos, several themed games, a miniatures showcase and, of course, sales of the brand-spanking new Zombies A Go-Go rulebook, each one personally autographed by both authors!

If you live too far away, but would still like to give Zombie A-Go-Go a try, you can order it directly from our online store here. The authors will be available for Q&A sessions on our websites live customer support during the event.

The Little Shop of Magic is also distributing Zombie A-Go-Go. If you are a retail store-owner who is interested in carrying this title, we invite you to contact us for more information.

Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming!

Monomer Games is a new gaming company. We are releasing our first miniatures game in the next few weeks. You should be seeing more of us here in the future!

Zombie-A-Go-Go is a simple 28mm cooperative zombie miniatures game. Shy any printing squeezes, the MSRP will be $20 USD.

It comes packed with eight+ scenarios, a mini-campaign, and 50+ pre-gen characters, but also the ability to make your own. There are already a ton of wonderful boardgames and miniature games for this genre, but we think this has a niche of its own.

The rulebook also includes a vast selection of weapons, equipment and vehicles, along with a scenario generator to enhance your gaming pleasure. Future supplements will have advanced vehicle rules, campaigns, and other fun stuff. However, this book was designed to give you the majority of what you need.

Please see our Products Page for exact details:

Zombie A-Go-Go is unique in the miniature games market, as it is based on the concept of co-operative play that is more common to boardgames. That means that each player brings their own Hero, and a handful of Zombies that offset their value in skills and equipment. Our game is designed to fill in the gap between all of the wonderful Zombie Boardgames, and more traditional Miniature Skirmish or Tactical games, that already exist.

Our game is designed to give the feel of “Traditional Zombies” in modern times. It can also be easily modified if you prefer “Voodoo” or “Chemically Altered” Zombies, or to play in another “Era” like antiquity or the future. These rules include a vast collection of weapons, equipment, and vehicles – along with a comprehensive character generation system that should accommodate most “Eras”.

This game was designed for Wargamers, by Wargamers, so it “fluff light” and packed with what you actually need to play. So in addition to increase the value of the book for you, we have provided a scenario generator, a half dozen basic scenarios, a pair of advanced scenarios, and a mini campaign. Several of these also include additional “options” to readily modify the scenario conditions, or to use them for competitive play with or without a moderator.

And don't forget… 

Zombies you can outrun – the mistakes of your fellow Heroes you cannot.