Hi everyone,

I have just uploaded the initial Zombie-A-Go-Go Battle Report to our Yahoo Group (Monomer_Games). It is in the Files section along with a blank character sheet.

We hope that you will find it informative enough to answer some of your initial questions about our game, without giving everything away. Feel free to use our Yahoo Group to ask any additional questions about the game as well. We will try to answer them as quickly as possible.

The uploaded Battle Report also includes pictures of the game, in an effort to be clear on what is going on. I often get muddled myself when I am just reading a bunch of text. So hopefully it helps explain things.

Please take a look at the Products page of our website as well. We have posted a listing of the projects that are currently under development for publication. In some cases all they await is art and layout.


Always look under cars before standing next to them.

Jason Coffey
Monomer Games
Las Vegas, NV