Dear fans,

Well the recession does not seem to be letting up, but we are still plugging away at new games, and game systems for all of us to enjoy. We are still pending a number of 3rd party product reviews to be released, and unfortunately that has not occured yet. I assume that the smaller end of the industry as a whole is suffering the effects from their main jobs.

Currently we are polishing up the graphics for our overdue FREE Grey Aliens packet to use with Zombie-A-Go-Go, and should be releasing that sooner rather than later as a free downloadable PDF.

After that we have to finalise the changes to our American Civil War rules. And we thank people for the additional playtesting that caused those changes.

Our production schedule is also changing as a result. We will be bumping up our BUGS book based on ZAGG, in an effort to try and get some better production quality for our Pirate game - and work out the last few nasty kinks in the Ship rules.

Thank you again for all of your support to our product(s),

Jason Coffey

Lead Designer

Monomer Games