Dear fans,

This calendar year has gone much like the last - but we are still here! Thank you very much to the Fans who keep playing and buying our products in the middle of the recession. We realise keeping the roof over your head has to be the number one priority.

Our overdue FREE Grey Aliens packet for use with Zombie-A-Go-Go, is near completion. Sometimes the things that seem the simplist, are the ones that take the longest! It will be available as a free downloadable PDF.

We are also working on a new system "Red Traitor: 401K" that is a tongue in cheek sci-fi 28mm tactical game. It is not solo play like our ZAGG line, and is competative with another player. Along with the "Turkestan: 1889" Historical/VSF setting, we are looking at using the Battlefield Evolution Engine from Mongoose Publishing.

And finally due to some industry issues our American Civil War and Pirate game, while complete, need to be revisited before they can be printed. Our production schedule is also changing as a result.

Thank you again for all of your support to our product(s),

Jason Coffey

Lead Designer

Monomer Games