TBA: Coming in 2014

TBD: 80+ pages, b&w, MSRP $20 USD


This game is designed to be a set of introductory Tabletop wargaming rules for both the Historical Wargamer and the Living Historian – but also playable in a casual environment. These rules are not to be an exact replica of history, but provide a reasonable simulation. This will be our first "competitive" rule set that we release as players will take the role of either Union or Confederate Officers against each other.

Battles in the American Civil War were usually not fought to the “last man”. Nor did units smaller than a Regiment normally engage in them. In fact when we generally read about battles they were fought by Corps and Armies. So it is our intention to give you the feel of the Regiment as the base of maneuver.

Our rules include:

  1. A series of 6 generic scenarios for pick-up games
  2. A set of 10 historical scenarios including force listings,
  3. A small introductory campaign showcasing the lesser known Confederate invasion of New Mexico and Arizona from 1861-1862
  4. Complete rules for pointing out your own forces
  5. Base units are either Regiments, or specialist Companies
  6. Rules for issuing Regimental Orders
  7. Actual in game effects for your current formation type

We will focus on the 15mm scale, and provide simple modifications for those who prefer 6mm, 10mm, 20mm, and 28mm figures. Basing recommendations are provided, but you can use whatever standard you already have.