TBA: Coming in 2015

TBD: 160+ pages, b&w, MSRP $30 USD


This is our first supplement for "Zombie A-Go-Go" that we plan to release, and it will be "stand alone". It will feature mechanics to play Colonists and Soldiers during an infestation of Alien "bugs" to match your favorite Movie, TV Show, or Novel. After all, the only way to improve a horror movie is to repackage it in outer space.

As with our Zombie game, no one is stuck playing the bad guys here. General hordes of Alien “bugs” are “automated” in their use on the table. So in addition to your own player character, each person needs to provide a handful of “bug” miniatures as well.

  1. Complete Character Generation with over 30 Pre-generated characters
  2. Rules for small "units" of grunts to be in your character's squad
  3. Complete Xenomorph Generation, with over 20 Pre-generated monsters
  4. All of the Ranged and Close Combat Weapons from ZAGG, plus a number of Energy and High Tech Weapons to blast the enemy, and your way out of sealed bunkers.
  5. Basic Vehicle Rules with over 30 Pre-generated vehicles for any surface, including Dropships and Aerospace Fighters
  6. a Scenario Generator to help quickly make pickup games on any type of planet surface, or even aboard a starship
  7. 8x Basic scenarios, 2x advanced scenarios, and a 4x mission mini-campaign. Several of these also include additional “options” to readily modify the scenario conditions, or to use them for competitive play with or without a moderator.
  8. Optional Rules (Weather, Eggs, Decompression, etc.)
  9. Basic rules for Buildings, Barricades, Starships, and Hives

In space... well you know the rest.