TBA: Coming in 2015

TBD: 140+ pages, color, MSRP $40 USD


There are plenty of other rule sets that stress “Historical” or “Fantasy” aspects of this genre. We enjoy playing a number of them too. However, this rule set was designed to be a fun and quick way to play “Pirate” games with your club. These rules ARE NOT an exact replica of history, but rather to provide a reasonable simulation and a channel into both the historical and fantasy into your games.

Each figure has a certain number of “dice” to throw each round. The dice are used for everything, movement, attack, defense, etc. Once the character is out dice for the turn, the character can do nothing else, unless they have a trait that allows otherwise. For example, if a character puts all their dice into an attack, the character has nothing left to defend himself with. This simulates the character going all out in an attack, ignoring everything else.

The more dice the character has to throw, the higher level the character is, and the more points that character takes up in your Crew.

Our rules include:

  1. Pre-Generated Characters and Crews for your immediate use
  2. Examples of both Historical and Fantasy Characters
  3. A complete Character Generation system for both Historical and Fantasy settings
  4. All of the Melee and Ranged weapons your Characters will need
  5. 6x generic scenarios, and 6x specific scenarios
  6. Rules for using most types of boats, and ships, available in miniature as part of your games

This game is designed for 28mm figures, on land and on ship, in either a Historical or Fantasy setting.